How do I manage the cost of printing to my copier?

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Understand that color copying or printing is approximately 80 times more expensive than printing in black and white.  While printing in color is necessary in some situations most printing of invoices, checks, forms and other office paperwork only need be printed in black and white.  So how do I manage that without upsetting office culture?  Here are a few suggestions.  Easiest is default your print drivers to BW print as well as the copier or printer.  Then a conscious effort will need to be made to print or copy in color.  Next step up would be the use of user codes.  All copiers are equipped with this ability and can be enabled by your copier vendor.  With user codes you can completely lock out color for certain users or limit that user to a set number of copies.  Lastly and probably should be mentioned first is just educate your office staff on how expensive it is to print in color.

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