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Multi-Function Copiers and Printers

Save yourself time, energy and money with a multi-function machine. On one compact device you can print, scan, copy, fax and more. No need to maintain several machines for your offices, classrooms and buildings. We can help you select which machines will work best for your system and provide everything you need.

Third Party Software Integrations

Your equipment should work directly with your applications and now it can. Our machines can integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other applications that can make printing a breeze. Hundreds of third party software applications exist to integrate with your machine to improve your workflow at your school.

Mobile Devices & Cloud-Printing

Could printing is a must in these days. We have machines that allow you to print from your computer or mobile device. You can decide on who you'd like to have that access and capability and save yourself a great deal of time in the office. Even allow students to print from certain machines if you like and provide custom access.

Shared Access & Security

Give the people you want the access you want. Control who can access what machines and provide special logins to prevent unauthorized access. We also have machines that provide additional security features to make sure you can keep your information safe and secure, reduce costs and downtime.

Logicopy Gear

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