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What business size does Logicopy work with?

Logicopy serves companies from the small business scale to enterprise level scale, with unmatched service, professionalism, and quality equipment.

How does Logicopy decide what machine I need?

Logicopy’s experienced professionals will guide you through the process of discovering the machine that best suits your individual needs.

Will my contract automatically renew?

No, Logicopy offers a contract without lock in clauses, or annual escalation fees.

Can I upgrade or downgrade existing services?

All Logicopy services can be upgraded or downgraded to suit your needs.

Is additional service an extra charge?

All service is built into your Logicopy maintenance agreement.

Am I locked into my maintenance agreement?

No. We want our service to earn your business.

What if I am a new business and do not qualify for financing?

If you have not been in business for 6 months, or cannot qualify for another reason, Logicopy offers in house financing.

Can I apply Logicopy’s service to another dealer’s machine?

As long as your maintenance is not built into your lease, then yes.

How do I request Service for my machine?

Call Logicopy directly at 760-438-8000, email us at, or submit a ticket through the Logicopy Help Desk.

Can I receive maintenance from another company?

Yes, if Logicopy is not meeting your maintenance needs efficiently you are not locked into any agreements with Logicopy.

Are there manufacturers Logicopy will not service?

Xerox Machines, all other non-Ricoh machines will be handled on a case to case basis.

Is my data secure with Logicopy back up?

Logicopy offers a tier 4 data solution. All your data will be encrypted at a 256 AES (military grade) encryption in our 4 data centers across North America.

How much data to I need to utilize backup?

50GB is where our base billing agreement begins, however your solution should allow room for growth.

How do I receive my backed up data in case of an emergency?

Place a call with Logicopy, and your secure data will be transported you as quickly as possible, to minimize your downtime.