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Don't get caught by the Toner Pirates!

"It will be easy they said.... Just give me your model number they said... everything will be fine they said..."

Unsuspecting customers are potential victims of the scam the copier industry refers to as TONER PIRATES.  These aren’t the fun Jack Sparrow kind. Sales representatives from these types of companies contact their victims and trick unsuspecting office staff into ordering toner from them, in some cases, even pretending to be representatives of the company that services your equipment. 

Once that staff member has been misled, thinking they are doing something good, they’re finding toner being delivered while accompanied by a bill that is sometimes four or five times what it should be.  So not cool. Getting invoices for $1,000 or $1,500 is not uncommon.  These companies are out there looking for their next victim. Don’t let it be you!

So how do you defeat these toner pirates?

The best defense against this scam is education.  Periodic emails to all team members that answer the telephone reminding them about TONER PIRATES works really well.  Just hanging up on these individuals is also a good option. Here is a sample script you can use to send to team members to avoid this issue:


There are scammers out there attempting to sell you toner at extremely high prices called Toner Pirates. Sometimes they will even pretend to be our actual copier company. Before moving forward, make sure the request is escalated to the appropriate parties for approval, and contact our copier company to verify the information. This will help ensure we avoid this scam.

Thank you for your assistance!


Those four sentences could save your organization thousands...

If you are a customer of Logicopy please know that no one will ever call you and talk to you about the "great deal we have on toner that is about to go on back order" to get you to purchase not only unnecessary, but extremely high priced toner. If you think you’re being set up by a toner pirate, contact us immediately. We’re here to help and move you forward.

Hank Ditto

CEO Logicopy

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