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How do you keep others moving forward?


We want to know how your business keeps others moving forward. Tell us your story and we'll tell the world.

Welcome to the Spotlight friends!

Customer Spotlight is an opportunity for us to share what amazing work our clients are doing that progresses so many. We want to know what your business does that's so important that keeps people "moving forward."

What type of clients are featured?

There is no specific industry of clients that are showcased. We want to give every client a chance to show how they make a difference. Your piece should highlight something important for people to know about your trade or craft. Click here to see a sample piece of how the article will be structured.

Who sees the Spotlight?

Our customer Spotlight will feature each organization in its own blog post, as well as a feature on the homepage of our website and social media. It is also sent out to our customer base for all to engage in and learn.

How can we be showcased? How does it work?

Just share your story below! Easy as pie. After you submit your data, our marketing team will reach out to complete the process. You'll get to proof and edit the article before we share. We'll release a new spotlight every month.

Customer Spotlight Showcase Form